Master 3.0.8 + Remote 3.0.10 released

Lots of new features and fixes in this release.

NOTE: Make sure any time limits in php.ini (set_time_limit etc) are set to 120 or higher, or even 0/unlimited.  Steam server communication can take a long time and you don’t want scripts timing out.

New Features:

  • Theme Support – Theme-able admin and client areas
  • Console Support – If GNU screen is installed, you can see server console output as well as send commands to the console
  • SteamCMD support – The newer Steam installation method (steamcmd) is now supported.  CS:Global Offensive can now be automatically installed
  • Added Steam User, Steam Password and Steam Auth Code to global settings
  • Query Engine – Now using GameQ V2.  Slightly slower query time, but more accurate and random online/offline is gone
  • Auto Installer – Default Server settings can now specify Install Mirrors and Install Command (Currently Minecraft/Craftbukkit and GTA: SAMP are supported).  This means for games with dedicated mirrors, they can be auto-installed with knowledge of the server needed
  • Config-Based game support – For servers that don’t have cmd-line options, but rely on a main config file.  When saving server settings, the IP, Port, Map, Max Players, Hostname and Server Password will all be written/updated to the main server config file automatically
  • File Manager now shows current directory name and “Loading …” when navigating around
  • Added San Andreas: MP game support
  • Added “VERSION” file to Remote servers for easy version checking
  • Added Spanish and Portuguese languages

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed CSS files showing in theme menu
  • When deleting a server, “Error: Failed to delete files: success success” would show
  • Fixed random online/offline server statuses and buggy map/hostnames
  • Fixed choosing a non-parent IP Address would not work properly when creating a new server
  • Added lots of debugging output to the CreateTemplate script; if Debug mode is on this will be shown when “Create” is pressed for Create New Template

New IRC Channel

I have registered #gamepanelx on Freenode. You can join on IRC using, and typing /join #gamepanelx.

If you don’t know how to use IRC, just download Pidgin (, add a new account (IRC type), use as the server, and log on. Once on, type “/join #gamepanelx” and you’re in.

I will be in here from time to time, feel free to idle.

Master 3.0.6 and Remote 3.0.9 released

Master Bug Fixes:

  • index.php showing in plugins list
  • cloud_gameinstall.php – did not have “steam” field inserting (cloud was not giving steam_name either)
  • Creating new servers on games without startup items gives “Failed to insert” error
  • Minecraft by default has no query engine
  • Added minecraft cloudid to db
  • CS 1.6 / CZ needed update CMD’s
  • Add CS:GO to cloud games (Still no SteamCMD support, that is coming soon…)
  • Update CMD needed to be added to cloud games
  • Installer redirects to update.php for new installs since they uploaded “configuration.php”
  • Able to create duplicate usernames
  • Fixed Template Browse showing nothing if login to the Remote Server failed
  • Removed SSH perms check in installer in favor of checking during network server creation
  • FTP edit file shows file contents at top
  • Fixed FTP authentication failures in Remote Server


  • Added File Path to Edit Template (readonly)
  • Added .yml and .properties as extensions for Minecraft servers in File Manager
  • Language Support – both admins and users
  • Revamped Network Server creator – Now defaults to Local Server type.  Also now runs permission checks and tests SSH connection during creation; if Remote and SSH connection fails, server is not created.
  • Create Network server no longer requires you to specify the Homedir; if the SSH test is successful it will get it automatically.  You can edit it if needed once it has been created.
  • Added plugins icon to homepage

As language support is now working, do let me know if a translation is available.

Master 3.0.5 and Remote 3.0.8 released

Master addresses the following issues:

– Templates (non-steam) don’t mark themselves as completed
– Steam Templates will get to 99% and never start template creation
– Installer has bad counter-strike source syntax
– Added Curl and MySQL checks to installer
– Steam/Steam Name/Query Engine not listed in Game Editor/Add Game
– Cloud version check errors

Remote addresses:

– Templates (non-steam) don’t mark themselves as completed
– Steam Templates will get to 99% and never start template creation

If running a Remote Server, and you want to update to 3.0.8 from 3.0.7, just upload “CheckTemplates” to /home/gpx/scripts/
Patch: CheckTemplates


Discussion: Forum Discussion

Master 3.0.3 and Remote 3.0.7 released

These updates address a few bugs:

– Added documentation link to homepage if not yet setup (admin/default.php)
– Fixed query to check setup on homepage; now properly shows install steps (admin/default.php)
– Updated Template Create to only show physical servers (ajax/template_create_form.php)
– Added debug info to server insert (includes/classes/servers.php)
– Fixed templates not starting after steam installations (BASH script bug (scripts/
– Fixed server create popup to show default game port when a game is chosen

Full releases available on the Downloads page

Patches (for easy updates; just upload these over the old files):

Master: Master 3.0.3 patch
Remote: Remote 3.0.7 patch

New Site, Beta V3 release

New site is now up, with an actual CMS this time so I can edit stuff easier.

GamePanelX V3 beta is now out, see the downloads page.  This is very beta, so expect bugs and issues.  Please report issues to me via email at ryan at, or on the forums.

V3 is a complete rewrite.  So far, the differences from pro:

  • No Smarty system; pure-PHP with jquery+css3
  • No page reloads really, everything is ajax
  • Local Server option – no SSH, pure-PHP execution for single-server installations (much faster, and simplifies things with no SSH involved)
  • File Manager: Multi-File Uploads, Add/Edit files, Create/Delete directories
  • Plugin System: Create your own plugin to perform actions in specific spots in the interface.
  • Simpler code base, easier to work with, easier to implement new features

Old News

All old news items can be seen here (since I’m too lazy to import them into this new setup)


Looks like it’s been a while since I’ve updated this. I have been busy lately, but one thing I have been working on is GamePanelX v3. This is a complete rewrite from scratch. Working with the code for GamePanelX Pro was getting a little old, seeing as functions were scattered everywhere, and working with the Smarty Templating system just annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great system to separate UI from Code, but it just takes too much time to open all these files to just make one small change. GPX V3 will have a cloud-based system, where you can click 1 button and install support for new games, no need to download anything anymore. Eventually this cloud system will also include user-contributed theme and plugin support. Also built-in updates, a reseller system, and best of all, GamePanelX Hosting. Once V3 is ready, we will begin hosting GamePanelX. More on that soon! Also you may notice the Google Ads on this site are getting phased out with my new HostGator banners for their awesome dedicated/vps servers, so at least you should see a common banner up top instead of the random ones before.



Remote v1.0.5 released. Some bug fixes in this one. Just upload the “scripts/” directory over your old one. Discussion here.



Master v1.0.14 has been released. Bug fixes, security fixes, and a few additions in this release. See the forum post for details. Also keep in mind that pre-release development is now done on our GitHub page. You can follow the project there and always have the latest version of the code before complete releases are made.



Big release day! Master v1.0.12 has been released, as well as Remote v1.0.4. These go together, as there are a few new features. The Automatic Steam Installer has been updated, and now shows you percentage when installing; no more wondering how far along it is. Language problems have also been fixed, and HL2:DM support has been added. Discussion in the forums.



Remote v1.0.3 has been released. This fixes some restart/stop bugs, and has a reworked installer script. Discussion and release info in the forums.



Master Server v1.0.11 has been released. Lots of bug fixes in this release. Discussion and release info in the forums.



Just released Master Server v1.0.9. I fixed a few bugs, as well as updated support for games with no cmd-line options. Discussion and release info in the forums.



Master Server v1.0.8 has been released. Many bug fixes are addressed here and we’ve added XML Import/Export options. Release info in the forums.



Master Server v1.0.7-r2 has been released. Small bug fixes and basic Teamspeak 2/3 support.



Remote Server v1.0.1 has been released. This is a mandatory update if you plan to create templates using Master 1.0.7+.



Master Server v1.0.7-rev1 has been released. Check the Products page for downloads.



Several bug fixes have been released today; active discussion and updates in the Forums. See our Products page for downloads.



The beta of the new Free and Open Source GamePanelX Pro (now just called GamePanelX) has been released! Check out our Products page for Master and Remote downloads. Please come to the New Forums and provide some feedback; bug reports and overall thoughts are appreciated.



Still working on finishing the first beta release of the new free/opensource GamePanelX; we hope to have the new beta out to you all soon. We’ve consolidated forums, and you can now discuss everything at our New Forums. All original user accounts were migrated over. PS, enjoy the new site!



GamePanelX Pro is being released Free and Open Source! For our current users, your billing cycle will end and you can choose to update to the new version or simply keep using your current version. This new release will include a revamped interface, and our main features simplified and ajaxified. We will also be offering Cloud Hosting for the control panel, for those who don’t want to install it themselves, or don’t care to. With our cloud hosting package you will also receive direct support from us. Check back soon for more info and a release date.



Very big news coming soon for all of our users. We think you will all enjoy this announcement; Stay tuned!



Just completed major work on the Command-Line editor for the upcoming new GPX Pro. This thing is super easy to use, no more confusion. Many things on GPX Pro are being redesigned for better ease-of-use. Also expect a much cleaner UI. More updates to come!



Updates are coming to GamePanelX Pro; many new features and things never-before-seen in a game control panel. Stay tuned!



We are now hard at work on our next release of Pro, and are integrating many of the feature requests you have asked for. We are pushing this to become the most feature-full and advanced control panel available. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you would like to see in GamePanelX Pro.



GamePanelX Pro is now live and accepting orders! You can now purchase a new license in the Client Area. You will need a Master AND a Remote license for your system to work. If you participated in the beta, once you have purchased the new license, you must replace the old beta files with the latest files in the Downloads area. The older beta files will not work with the new licensing. Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta, and we hope to work with all of you in the near future!



We apologize for the delay; the final master server beta will be released this week. We now have 3 new languages supported – FrenchPortuguese, and German. This release will include an updated game query engine, and fix the manage server refresh bug (where pressing the AJAX refresh would only show “online” or “offline”, and not updating or creating). We also plan to release our WHMCS Billing Module this week.



Remote Beta Update: We have released the latest Remote Server files (v1.0.2-beta3). This will fix the FTP Server issues as well as the Restart/Stop/Creation issues people encountered. If you were using Ubuntu, you most definitely had issues trying to restart servers. It is recommended to download the beta3 files and redo a fresh installation of your Remote Server.



If you encountered a “License Error” after the v1.0.2 install, it has been fixed and you should now be able to use the control panel. Remember, if you move your Document Root or files to another IP Address, the license will complain and we will have to reset the license for you; simply open a support ticket if you need this reset. Thanks!



GamePanelX Pro BETA v1.0.2 released!
We have released the final GamePanelX Pro beta, version 1.0.2! This has numerous changes and bug fixes.- Added DNS Management
– Added Instant AJAX System Notifications Bar
– Added Billing System support
– Added a brand new installer
– Numerous bug fixes and improvements
– Internet Explorer fixes for Client Creation and other IE issuesAs this is still in beta, you must do a fresh install, and use the latest scripts for both the Master and Remote servers. Please follow the Documentation for help on installation.

Master Server: Master Documentation
Remote Server: Remote Documentation



Development on GPX Pro v1.0.2 Beta is almost complete. This is a very solid release and we can’t wait to get it out to you. The new version should be available about a week from today; cheers!



Just launched the GamePanelX Pro forums. All user accounts from the Open forums have been copied there. Post any questions/comments there and please keep the Open forums and Pro forums separate. GamePanelX Pro Forums



Almost ready for our second beta release, v1.0.2! This has bug fixes, security improvements, and a few brand new features! New features include DNS Management(, a new installer, and an Instant Notifications bar at the bottom of the screen; this will notify you of new Support Tickets, Clients, the works. You can also see what clients are currently logged in, etc. It’s a huge advancement to the platform and we hope to release this beta as early as next week. Cheers!



We’ve updated the Documentation on GPX Pro; please make sure to follow the Master and Remote installation instructions we’ve provided. You can view them Here. We have improved the server connection tester as well as perfected the installer; the new files will be released very soon.



We have rewritten the Installation pages; they now have several checks to ensure the environment is setup correctly. This fixes the network server bug and a few others; we will be releasing this early this week; we recommend a reinstall using the latest installer once it’s available.


9/27/2010 pt2

Updated the master server files download. Those who have already installed can download the “config.php” and replace their “include/config.php” file.


9/27/2010 pt1

Added an Upcoming Features page so you can see what we’re working on.



The beta is here! You can now download the GamePanelX Pro beta. You must create a client account to download; download the master files for your control panel, and the remote files for your game/voice server. Documentation can be viewed here. Please send any bugs and/or feature requests to Within the next few days we will also be adding a new forum for GamePanelX Pro users. Happy testing!EDIT: Your license key can be found in the client area after ordering, at the top with “My Services”. Click your product, and on the next page you can see your license key.