New Site, Beta V3 release

New site is now up, with an actual CMS this time so I can edit stuff easier.

GamePanelX V3 beta is now out, see the downloads page.  This is very beta, so expect bugs and issues.  Please report issues to me via email at ryan at, or on the forums.

V3 is a complete rewrite.  So far, the differences from pro:

  • No Smarty system; pure-PHP with jquery+css3
  • No page reloads really, everything is ajax
  • Local Server option – no SSH, pure-PHP execution for single-server installations (much faster, and simplifies things with no SSH involved)
  • File Manager: Multi-File Uploads, Add/Edit files, Create/Delete directories
  • Plugin System: Create your own plugin to perform actions in specific spots in the interface.
  • Simpler code base, easier to work with, easier to implement new features

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