Master 3.0.6 and Remote 3.0.9 released

Master Bug Fixes:

  • index.php showing in plugins list
  • cloud_gameinstall.php – did not have “steam” field inserting (cloud was not giving steam_name either)
  • Creating new servers on games without startup items gives “Failed to insert” error
  • Minecraft by default has no query engine
  • Added minecraft cloudid to db
  • CS 1.6 / CZ needed update CMD’s
  • Add CS:GO to cloud games (Still no SteamCMD support, that is coming soon…)
  • Update CMD needed to be added to cloud games
  • Installer redirects to update.php for new installs since they uploaded “configuration.php”
  • Able to create duplicate usernames
  • Fixed Template Browse showing nothing if login to the Remote Server failed
  • Removed SSH perms check in installer in favor of checking during network server creation
  • FTP edit file shows file contents at top
  • Fixed FTP authentication failures in Remote Server


  • Added File Path to Edit Template (readonly)
  • Added .yml and .properties as extensions for Minecraft servers in File Manager
  • Language Support – both admins and users
  • Revamped Network Server creator – Now defaults to Local Server type.  Also now runs permission checks and tests SSH connection during creation; if Remote and SSH connection fails, server is not created.
  • Create Network server no longer requires you to specify the Homedir; if the SSH test is successful it will get it automatically.  You can edit it if needed once it has been created.
  • Added plugins icon to homepage

As language support is now working, do let me know if a translation is available.