About GamePanelX

GamePanelX is the original Free and Open Source control panel for Linux game and voice servers.
It has been actively maintained since 2007.  A complete rewrite (version 3) recently came out in October 2012.

Technical Info

GamePanelX is built for Linux servers. We do not currently support Windows Server.
GPX Master is written in PHP, and uses MySQL as a backend database. It runs SSH2 commands natively to talk to the Remote servers (which run the actual gameservers). The GPX Remote server scripts are written in BASH.

As of Version 3, there is now a Local Server option for those with only 1 physical server.  This method uses native PHP functions to run gameservers instead of SSH.

Created By

This project was created by Ryan Gehrig (Email: ryan at gamepanelx.com) in 2007 from scratch.
Ryan is a Developer, Systems Administrator and Musician.