The following feature list is for v3

  • Multi-Language – See the languages section below.
  • Built for ease of use – Written with modern Javascript and CSS, everything that can be, is done with ajax, which makes for smooth page transitions
  • Theme Support – Themeable admin and client interfaces with 1 simple CSS file for each theme.  Optionally provide a logo also.
  • Start/Stop/Update – Start/Restart, Stop and Update game/voice servers with 1 click
  • Server Console – View your server’s current console output, and send commands to it (required GNU Screen is installed)
  • New Games – Easily add new game support
  • Server templates – Steam-based games install automatically for you (including SteamCMD), Auto Install games also install automatically with no knowledge of the gameserver needed, and you can optionally specify a file path to a directory to make a template from
  • Startup Editor – Server startup editor (key/value) with client-editable settings
  • Cloud games – Get the latest supported games from the gamepanelx cloud system, no downloads necessary
  • Plugins system – Add action hooks to make your plugin perform actions in a specific spot
  • Game query engine – GameQ V2, with hostname, num players, map, and much more available
  • File Manager – With multi-file uploads, add/edit/delete files, Add/delete directories
  • User Editor – Add/edit/delete user accounts
  • User permissions – FTP, startup editor, file manager, etc
  • Admin editor – Add/edit/delete added administrator accounts
  • Network Server editor – Add new physical servers with either Local Server option or SSH info to remotely login to manage the server.  Also add as many IP Addresses as you need for this server with the “IP Addresses” tab
  • Local Server option – Native PHP, no SSH needed.  NOTE: The PHP Pecl SSH module is NOT needed for this project.  We use a pure-PHP SSH implementation called PHPSecLib.


  • Steam Installer – Automatic Steam Installer.  As of 3.0.8, this can automatically install hldsupdatetool-based Steam games and SteamCMD games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive/GO
  • Auto Installer – As of 3.0.8, if the game has “Install Mirrors” and “Install CMD” filled out, when creating a template, these commands will be run and the game can be automatically fetched and installed for you

Language Support (available via GitHub page)

  • Croatian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese
  • Macedonian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish