New Features in GIT

Did some features+bug fixing today. These are available on GitHub immediately.

– Added Cloud Games Submit
— This means people can now create custom games in Game Setups, test them out, and submit them to the public GPX Cloud for my review. If I approve, that game will show up in the public cloud for everyone to install and use.
— (You can submit in Game Setups -> (click game) -> Misc -> Submit to Cloud Games

– Updated Create Server page
— This is no longer a popup, it is on the center section like everything else. It is now smarter, and only shows templates once you have chosen a Network Server, so it doesnt show you templates that arent on that server. I also now hide the “FIle Path” by default since most people won’t need it, and it confuses some people.

– Fixed bug where saving Startup items in Game Setups would remove the Startup CMD

Commit: … 9776489a7b

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