Bug Fixes on GitHub

I have fixed a few bugs on GitHub:

– Deleting user – If it’s already gone in Remote Linux, you get “Failed: Failed to delete user on network server (2): That user does not exist, exiting.!”
– Firefox readonly inputs on startup editor, buttons not showing
– API updated and working
– Admin saving user theme doesnt change it


Also, added documentation for available API Calls: http://gamepanelx.com/wikiv3/index.php?title=API

Remote 3.0.13 released (SteamCMD fixes)

This release is a simple release that fixes SteamCMD support.  Please go into Cloud Games and reinstall any Steam games you plan to use, as they have changed.

Also added:

DOD: Source

to cloud games, and updated TF2 and CS:Source to use SteamCMD/pipe.

Also — all games’ Working Directories (that use SteamCMD) will now use the App ID (e.g. 740) as their working directory. Before, the steamcmd installer was hardcoded to use “csgo”, but that is no longer the case.


Discussion and downloads here: http://forums.gamepanelx.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3912&p=6844#p6844