Master 3.0.10 and Remote 3.0.12 released

– Remote Moved to /usr/local/gpx
– Real Linux system user accounts (privilege separation)
– Remote manager script (GPXManager) reports it’s load to the master automatically

Bug Fixes
– user (not admin) server settings not saving other than working dir (caused “undefined” working dir issue)
– Working dir setting as undefined (clients saving this caused this error)
– Grep error on Restart
– AutoInstaller broken
– Stop Server: Failed: kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec … or kill -l [sigspec] Usage: grep [OPTION]… PATTERN [FILE]… Try `grep –help’ for more information. success
– Saving files with “`” tilde bugs out
– Query engine set to none gives ISE. Set this to basic TCP check
– Ventrilo is in Games list, not voice list.
– Fix update script
– Plugins page not listing available, non-installed plugins (problem was JSON file related)
– update minecraft cfg file – ‘’ not ‘Server.Properties’
– Add Default Game – does not have Max Players and a few other fields
– Server Stop Failed: /home/betagpx2//scripts/Stop: line 100: kill: (10535) – No such process success
– Finish adding basic murmur
– Cloud games are broken
– Bug where you couldn’t delete a network server, and no error would show why
– Admin password change broken (updated admin passwords to hash+base64+SHA1)
– SteamCMD games support anonymous logins. Just don’t set “steam user” or “steam pass” in settings to use this.

– Add simple API to restart/stop servers, create server, create user, all-in-one creator, etc