Upcoming Remote Changes

So there are some changes coming soon to the Remote package.  This is being reworked mainly for security reasons, but also for simpler development.  These changes will come in 3.0.12.

Basically, when installing Remote, instead of /home/gpxuser being created, everything will now be stored in /usr/local/gamepanelx.

– /home/gpxuser is changing to /usr/local/gamepanelx
– Each gpx client/user account now will have it’s own Linux system user on your remote server
—- Users no longer in /home/gpxuser/accounts/<user>/
—- Path now in /usr/local/gamepanelx/users/<user>/
—- Servers still in userdir, e.g. /usr/local/gamepanelx/users/<user>/<ip>:<port>
– We will be storing a list of known server executables (e.g. srcds_linux,srcds_run,etc) in the master db, and these will be sent through the same queue script.   The manager will handle setting these executables to read/execute, but no write privileges.  This means users cannot spin up any custom servers (as long as the executable list is correct and nothing else can be run).

New system user creation will be handled by a queue script, “gpxmanager.sh”.  This will watch a queue directory in /usr/local/gamepanelx/queue for new temporary files; these files will contain info needed to create a new user.  Within 5 seconds the system user will be created by root.

Realistically, people will need to cleanly reinstall the Remote, and migrate over servers by hand.  I may be able to introduce a migration script.