Master 3.0.8 + Remote 3.0.10 released

Lots of new features and fixes in this release.

NOTE: Make sure any time limits in php.ini (set_time_limit etc) are set to 120 or higher, or even 0/unlimited.  Steam server communication can take a long time and you don’t want scripts timing out.

New Features:

  • Theme Support – Theme-able admin and client areas
  • Console Support – If GNU screen is installed, you can see server console output as well as send commands to the console
  • SteamCMD support – The newer Steam installation method (steamcmd) is now supported.  CS:Global Offensive can now be automatically installed
  • Added Steam User, Steam Password and Steam Auth Code to global settings
  • Query Engine – Now using GameQ V2.  Slightly slower query time, but more accurate and random online/offline is gone
  • Auto Installer – Default Server settings can now specify Install Mirrors and Install Command (Currently Minecraft/Craftbukkit and GTA: SAMP are supported).  This means for games with dedicated mirrors, they can be auto-installed with knowledge of the server needed
  • Config-Based game support – For servers that don’t have cmd-line options, but rely on a main config file.  When saving server settings, the IP, Port, Map, Max Players, Hostname and Server Password will all be written/updated to the main server config file automatically
  • File Manager now shows current directory name and “Loading …” when navigating around
  • Added San Andreas: MP game support
  • Added “VERSION” file to Remote servers for easy version checking
  • Added Spanish and Portuguese languages

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed CSS files showing in theme menu
  • When deleting a server, “Error: Failed to delete files: success success” would show
  • Fixed random online/offline server statuses and buggy map/hostnames
  • Fixed choosing a non-parent IP Address would not work properly when creating a new server
  • Added lots of debugging output to the CreateTemplate script; if Debug mode is on this will be shown when “Create” is pressed for Create New Template

New IRC Channel

I have registered #gamepanelx on Freenode. You can join on IRC using, and typing /join #gamepanelx.

If you don’t know how to use IRC, just download Pidgin (, add a new account (IRC type), use as the server, and log on. Once on, type “/join #gamepanelx” and you’re in.

I will be in here from time to time, feel free to idle.